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As many of you may know, I do quite a bit of running to keep fit for Orienteering. All that running could get dull, so I do a variety of things to keep it fun, including:

  • Setting goals, like running every day, and averaging 1hr/day,
  • Logging all the training I do on AttackPoint, so I can see stats of what I've done in various ways, and
  • Inventing some running games for myself.

Run within 100m over everywhere near my house

todo - add pictures/lists - and link to this from FB & AP ...Started on my 35th birthday...

Run the Horseshoe Trail

TODO link...

Not as ambitious as some - this trail is only ~200 miles vs. the much longer Appliachian & Pacific Crest trails TODO links - and I don't try to run it continuously, I do try, like the coverage game above, to get coverage of this trail

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