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Tell the Truth

"Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

Example Type Question Poor Answer Better Answer
The Whole Truth Did you do your homework? Yes Most of it, but I still need to do X, and you need to check it...
Politeness Exception Do I look fat/old? Oh my gosh, yes! Of course not, you look fine...

Learning First

Starting in 2013, clarifications of learning first.

  • On school 'nights' (Sun. Noon through Friday AM)
  • Before any electronic entertainment:
    • Complete all of your homework (see below)
    • Do at least 30 minutes of parent-approved extra-learning or extra-exercise, after school.

Homework Expectations

Todo - copy from what was printed out last November/December

Sleep is important

  • 9 hours sleep is currently a bare-minimum target - 10 is better - for the kids (7/8 for the adults)
  • School-nights
    • In or getting ready for bed by 9PM
    • Lights off at 9:30pm
  • Non-school-nights
    • Staying up ~30 minutes later than above is okay, with parent permission
    • To avoid getting too little sleep when staying up late, no electronic entertainment is allowed within 9.5 hours of lights-out (to ensure at least 9 full hours of sleep is likely)
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